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If you have ever had a problem with moles, you will be aware just how difficult it is to control them.
Moles cause damage to lawns and gardens by doing what comes naturally. Tunnelling provides the Mole with its food source which literally drops into the excavations through the walls. Spoil from the tunnels is pushed out into heaps, causing heaps of trouble!

More serious damage can be caused in agriculture where damage to grass cutting and other machinery introduces economic reasons for control. Problems with livestock, namely sheep (listeriosis), cattle (through contaminated silage) and  horses make moles rather unwelcome to those who earn a living from the countryside.

Mole activity also introduces risks to humans, affecting racecourses and gallops, pitches and playing fields, even airfields, flood defences.

Traditional Molecatching skills are becoming more in demand as the use of poisons is now banned in the UK and commercial pest control operations begin to see how uneconomical it is for them to set traps and check them every 24 hours. I specialise in Moles to offer you the highest quality service in Surrey. No call out fees, no mole no money.

As a founder member of the British Traditional Molecatchers Register, I am part of a network of molecatchers spread throughout Great Britain. Find out more by clicking on the Logo, but next time you look out over your field, verge, paddock, golf course, organic garden or manicured lawn and find some unwanted “Talpa Europea “Real Estate” (molehills to you and me), then try a different approach with someone who understands your problem and knows how to deal with it.

Remember – When the hole’s big enough, it’s time to stop…….the digging!.

The Molesmith

Molehills are a common sight in Surrey

The Molesmith can help!

Operating all over Surrey including:
Camberley, Caterham, Cobham, Cranleigh, Dorking, Epsom, Guildford,
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