Why choose The Molesmith?

As a traditional molecatcher, I only use traps which are designed to kill the mole humanely. These days, this historic method of mole control is often confused with pest control services. There are fundamental differences and my service is distinct and far removed from the more commercial pest control operations.

No Mole, No Money

Forget call-out fees and standard charges for each visit, regardless of outcome

Skilled, friendly, professional

Personal service tailored to your situation and designed to remove moles efficiently

Repeat business valued

Flexible payment methods depending on nature of job

Every type of location covered:

The Molesmith has experience of working a wide variety of locations all over Surrey including:

  • Agriculture
  • Amenity and children’s play spaces
  • Equestrian centres & Livery facilities
  • Racecourses & gallops
  • Golf courses
  • Country Estates
  • Highway verges
  • Flood defenses & embankments
  • Land drainage
  • Woodlands
  • Gardens

Traditional mole control in Surrey

Traps checked and reset frequently

All traps are UK manufactured, serviced frequently and used for no more than one year


Ability to travel and “reside” on site if required, using personal touring caravan, in appropriate cases.


Absolutely no chemicals or pesticides used.

Contact me today to arrange a no obligation site survey.

I will endeavour to reply to your message within 24 hours.